Call for Pilot Project Applications (RFP)

    Endothelial Injury and Repair: CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)

    Call for Pilot Project Applications—Please forward to interested individuals

    The CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology (CPVB) COBRE has the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of cardiovascular and pulmonary research in Rhode Island. One means of attaining this goal is identification and nurturing of talented young investigators. Therefore, the CPVB COBRE announces the availability of four 5 month grants of $30,000 for research related to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. The goal of this pilot project is to enable an investigator to develop preliminary data that can be used to support successful applications for independent research funding in vascular biology. In addition, pilot project investigators are expected to participate in COBRE meetings and activities and in career development activities to enhance skills for academic and research success.

    CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology COBRE

    The overall objective of the CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology COBRE is to bring together a group of investigators in the fields of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases in a unique trans-disciplinary approach to improve understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of vascular pathobiology in lung and heart diseases. The Specific Aims of this proposal are…

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      Cardiovascular and lung vascular diseases are important causes of morbidity and mortality in the US. A multidisciplinary group of MD, PhD, and MD/PhD investigators will develop a research center focusing on understanding the biology of vascular injury. Improved understanding of mechanisms of blood vessel injury promotes development of new and innovative treatments. This Vascular Biology COBRE will be first of its kind in Rhode Island, a state with a high burden of both heart and lung disease.

        External Advisory Committee Meeting – March 2014