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Jamila H Siamwala, PhD receives $310,000 for Neurovascular Aging Phenotypes of Alzheimer’s Disease and Progeria project

Jamila Siamwala, PhD, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology (MPPB), received $310,000 in response to “NOT-AG-18-008 Alzheimer’s Disease and its related Dementias (AD/ADRD)-focused Administrative supplements for NIH grants that are not focused on Alzheimer’s disease” announcement. Her project is titled “Neurovascular Aging Phenotypes of Alzheimer’s Disease and Progeria: Focus on Inflammation and Blood Brain Barrier.” Dr. Siamwala is a CPVB COBRE pilot project investigator. Her COBRE project is titled “Right Ventricular Fibrosis from PAH is Dependent on Macrophage IL-1b Signaling.”

2019 Breathing for Life Award to Honor Dr. Sharon Rounds, Foundation Champion and Benefactor

Sharon Rounds, MD, Co-Director of the CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology COBRE, will receive the 2019 Breathing for Life Award —the highest honor given by the Foundation for philanthropy, scientific achievement, and commitment to mentorship. Dr Rounds will receive the award at the 11th Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit, Saturday, May 18 at ATS 2019, Dallas, Texas.

Priming the Pump

Across the city of Providence, an unlikely team of researchers is emerging. A developmental biologist with row upon row of tiny fish tanks in her lab. A geneticist who seeks to understand the building blocks of human life, and by extension, human disease…