Cell Isolation and Tissue Culture Sub Core

Function/ Services of the CORE:

The function of the Cell Isolation and Tissue Culture Core is to provide efficient, economical, and reproducible isolation of pulmonary and cardiac endothelial cells, fibroblasts, vascular smooth muscle cells, epithelial cells, macrophages; propagation, and phenotypic characterization and function.

One of the greatest difficulties for investigators working with various primary lung and heart cell populations is obtaining consistently viable, highly purified, cell sub-populations for ex vivo analyses from cardiopulmonary sources in an efficient and reproducible manner. And while each investigator in this COBRE has a varying degree of expertise in such cell isolations, a centralized resource for the isolation, propagation, and characterization of cells from the heart and lung are fundamentally important services for all Investigators, and foundational to the success of the CPVB COBRE.

Providence VA Medical Center
830 Chalkstone Ave, Building 35
Providence, RI 02908

9am-5pm, Monday through Friday

Contact information: 
Julie Braza, MS, LATG
Laboratory Manager
401-273-7100, ext. 2397