CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology Center

CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)

Call for Pilot Project Applications

The CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology (CPVB) COBRE has the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of cardiovascular and pulmonary research in Rhode Island. One means of attaining this goal is identification and nurturing of talented young investigators. Therefore, the CPVB COBRE announces the availability of two $50,000 pilot projects for research related to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. The goal of these pilot projects is to enable investigators to develop preliminary data that can be used to support successful applications for independent research funding in vascular biology. In addition, pilot project investigators are expected to participate in COBRE meetings and activities and in career development activities to enhance skills for academic and research success.

The CPVB COBRE includes a Cell/Organ Function Core to support investigator research.

Anticipated start date is June 1, 2019.

Eligibility: Faculty or senior post-doctoral fellows on the cusp of faculty appointment at a Rhode Island academic institution are eligible to apply. Individuals who have received external funding from an RO1, K99, R00 or equivalent are ineligible for pilot funding. Investigators must identify a mentor in a field related to the proposed research

Application process: Applications will follow abbreviated NIH format with minor modifications.
Use PHS Form 398.

Face page: should include investigator name, academic title, institution, address, title of project, and institutional grants management official.

Project Summary (page 2): One page summary of the proposal.

Budget: Itemize and include brief budget justification. Costs for equipment or renovation are not permitted. Direct costs only will be funded.

Bio sketch: A bio sketch for the PI and mentor should be provided.

Research Strategy Section: Limited to 6 single-spaced pages, excluding references. Follow NIH PHS Form 398 outline. The Research Plan should include the following:

  • Specific Aims: Describe the project goals for 1 year pilot project period. No more than ½ page recommended.
  • Significance: Include overall significance of the project, including relevance to goals of the CPVB COBRE, and plans for use of data from pilot project for subsequent independent funding.
  • Innovation: Include both conceptual and any technical innovation.
  • Approach: Preliminary data and research plan, including data analysis, anticipated results and alternative approaches. It is strongly recommended that use of the Core be proposed. Preliminary data is not required, but is encouraged.

References: Not included in 6 page limit.

Protection of Human Subjects/Vertebrate Animals: Per PHS Form 398. Provide IRB and/or IACUC approval(s). Provide Human Subjects education certification and Target/Planned Enrollment Table (if applicable). Provide 5 vertebrate animal points (if applicable).

Biosafety/Select Agents: Per PHS Form 398. Indicate Institutional Safety Committee approvals.

Additional Documentation: Applications must be accompanied by letters from Department Chair and/or supervisor documenting availability of protected time for research and plans for mentoring of the pilot investigator.

A letter from the mentor agreeing to advise on the conduct of the proposed research should be included with the application.

Review Process and Selection Criteria:
Applications will be reviewed by the CPVB Executive Committee for scientific merit including significance, investigators, innovation, and approach. In addition, reviews will include relevance to CPVB COBRE goals of enhancing research in Cardiovascular and/or Pulmonary diseases, potential for future independent funding, and institutional support. Preference will be given to applications relevant to vascular biology.

Funding is dependent upon review and approval by the CPVB COBRE External Advisory Committee and the NIGMS.

Address inquiries regarding CPVB COBRE Pilot Projects to the co-PIs, Sharon Rounds, MD or Elizabeth Harrington, PhD

Applications should be submitted as a single file pdf to

Important Dates:

Full Proposal Deadline: 5:00 pm April 1, 2019