Multi-COBRE Seminar Series

This Multi-COBRE Seminar Series consists of three COBRE programs: University of Nevada, Reno (Nevada Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Molecular and Cellular Signal Transduction in the Cardiovascular System), Brown University (Cardiopulmonary Vascular Biology (CPVB) and University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The goal of these seminars is to build a network of collaborations between programs of a similar focus by presenting ongoing research that could aid in fostering collaborations between young and new investigators and possibly, between cores supported by COBREs.

1/11/22Dr. Cam Ha Tran Assistant Professor Physiology & Cell BiologyThe role of neuromodulatory signaling in neurovascular couplingUniversity of Nevada, Reno
2/8/22Dr. Jessica Plavicki Manning Assistant Professor of Pathology & Laboratory MedicineIdentification of novel functions for sox9b in cardiac developmentBrown University
3/8/22Dr. Erin Taylor Assistant Professor of Physiology and BiophysicsImmune system dysfunction in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease-associated hypertensionUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
4/12/22Dr. Shailesh R. Agarwal, Assistant Professor of Research, Department of PharmacologyMechanisms of cAMP compartmentation in cardiac myocytesUniversity of Nevada, Reno
5/1/22TBATBABrown University
6/14/22TBATBAUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
7/12/22TBATBAUniversity of Nevada, Reno
8/9/22TBATBABrown University
1/12/21Dr. Hellen E. Collins Assistant Professor of MedicineUnraveling the molecular processes that underlie Pregnancy-induced cardiac growthUniversity of Louisville
1/12/21Dr. Sujith Dassanayaka Instructor in MedicineHyaluronan and Vascular Remodeling During HFUniversity of Louisville
2/19/21Dr. Margaret Bublitz Assistant Professor Department of Psychiatry and MedicineDoes prenatal mindfulness training reduce risk for hypertensive disorders of pregnancyBrown University
2/19/21Dr. Fabiola Munarin Assistant Professor Engineering (Research)A novel immunomodulatory strategy to promote angiogenesis for heart regenerationBrown University
3/9/21Dr. Joshua Speed Assistant Professor Department of Physiology & BiophysicsEndothelin-1 in Adipose: A Driver of Obesity Related Insulin ResistanceUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
4/13/21Dr. Matthew Nystoriak Assistant Professor of MedicineNovel mechanisms of oxygen-sensitive myocardial blood flow controlUniversity of Louisville
5/11/21Dr. Sean Monaghan Assistant Professor of SurgeryDeep RNA Sequencing and Critical CareBrown University
6/8/21Dr. Alan Mouton Instructor of Physiology & BiophysicsRole of macrophage metabolism in cardiac injuryUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
6/8/21Dr. Jussara doCarmo Associate Professor of Physiology & BiophysicsDevelopmental programming of cardiac dysfunction in offspring of obese parentsUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
7/13/21Dr. Joseph B. Moore IV Associate Professor of MedicineThe Extracellular Matrix: Front and Center in Myocardial Structure and FunctionUniversity of Louisville
8/10/21Dr. Yang Zhou Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology & ImmunologyChitinase and its receptors in lung injury and repairBrown University
9/14/21Dr. Zhen Wang Assistant Professor of Physiology & BiophysicsInteraction of Diabetes and Hypertension to Promote Kidney InjuryUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
10/12/21Dr. Bradley Ferguson Assistant Professor of NutritionA role for skeletal muscle alpha actin (ACTA1) acetylation in cardiac muscle contractionUniversity of Nevada, Reno
11/9/21Dr. Peng Zhang Assistant Professor of MedicineRegulation of right ventricular mitochondrial function in pulmonary arterial hypertensionBrown University
12/14/21Dr. Romain Harmancey Associate Professor of Physiology & BiophysicsRole of UCP3 insufficiencey in cardiac maladaptation during obesity and diabetesUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
9/28/20Dr. David Stec Professor Department of Physiology and BiophysicsIs serum bilirubin the key to cardiovascular and metabolic health?University of Mississippi Medical Center
10/13/20Dr. Jason Hellmann Assistant Professor Division of Environmental MedicineTraining innate immunity to resolve acute and chronic inflammationUniversity of Louisville
11/10/20Dr. Alan Morrisson Assistant Professor School of MedicineA Macrophage Rac-IL-1B Signaling Axis Promotes Atherosclerotic CalcificationBrown University
12/8/20Dr. Erin Taylor Instructor Department of Physiology and BiophysicsImmune system dysfunction in the development of hypertension in autoimmunityUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
12/8/20Dr. Alexandre da Silva Research Associate Department of Physiology and BiophysicsCNS mechanisms of cardiac protection in heart failureUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center