Dr. Qing Lu graduates from CPVB COBRE junior investigator to independent PI

Dr. Qing Lu, Associate Professor of Medicine (Research), Warren Alpert Medical School Brown University, has graduated from CPVB COBRE junior investigator to independent PI. Since the CPVB COBRE’s commencement in September 2013, Dr. Lu and her team have worked diligently on her project “Role of Adenosine in Cigarette Smoke-Induced Lung endothelial Injury”. In July 2016, Dr. Lu received R01 funding for her project “HDAC6 regulates cigarette smoke-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction and lung injury”. This study will provide innovative insights into the effect of cigarette smoke on lung endothelial barrier function. Establishment of the links among HDAC6, mitochondrial fission and mtDAMPs may result in new therapeutic approaches to cigarette smoke-induced vascular injury in the lung and potentially also in the systemic circulation.

Congratulations to Qing!