Jamila H Siamwala, PhD receives $310,000 for Neurovascular Aging Phenotypes of Alzheimer’s Disease and Progeria project

Jamila Siamwala, PhD, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology (MPPB), received $310,000 in response to “NOT-AG-18-008 Alzheimer’s Disease and its related Dementias (AD/ADRD)-focused Administrative supplements for NIH grants that are not focused on Alzheimer’s disease” announcement. Her project is titled “Neurovascular Aging Phenotypes of Alzheimer’s Disease and Progeria: Focus on Inflammation and Blood Brain Barrier.” Dr. Siamwala is a CPVB COBRE pilot project investigator. Her COBRE project is titled “Right Ventricular Fibrosis from PAH is Dependent on Macrophage IL-1b Signaling.”